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hi! im Amy im 23 I live with my two best friend Leanna and Jody. i work retail (and its a love-hate relationship) if you look really hard you can see i suffer from depression. single. im forever a girl scout. i cuss like a fucking sailor. i love televison shows. i also like Teen Wolf. a lot.Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski have ruined my fucking life. i dont tag my posts, sorry. welcome to the drabble that is my life. stop by and say hi sometime. i promise i dont bite!!!
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my bestie and i went to Dairy Queen and got lots of food.

now im trying to decide if i should

  • take a shower
  • watch Whip It!
  • start Dr. Who
  • or go to bed because i woke up at 430 this morning to go to work with mom